Nivå Längd 97 km Stigning 60 m/mil Tekniknivå 1
Underlag 80% grus 20% asfalt 0% stig
Start & Mål Halmstad – Ljungby
Skapare Scott Haylockk
Fika Lidhult

Ride report from Banvallsleden: Halmstad to Karlshamn.

The route is very well sign posted and you could probably do this ride in a day, but I took 3 days. It’s definitely in the slow, easy and comfortable category. A ride where you can switch off and enjoy life as the beautiful country side slips by. Not a ride for die hard, untamed, virgin gravel enthusiasts. But a delight for cycle tourists.

Day 1: Halmstad to Ljungby. 105km, 50/50 gravel/asphalt. The first 20k’s out of Halmstad is on beautiful new asphalt bike path. It’s a little dull, but you are away from traffic riding thru shady forrest. At Lake Simlången the gravel starts and you’re kept company by the lake and river with pretty views and numerous spots to stop and swim. Approaching Lidhult you join the road, so more asphalt, but nice quiet country roads. Lidhult is a great spot to stop and refuel on warm days! The actions returns again as you approach Lake Bolmen and are treated to gravel by the lake and an awesome spin in towards Ljungby. A real gem of a day!

Nivå Längd 95 km Stigning 53 m/mil Tekniknivå 1
Underlag 30% grus 70% asfalt 0% stig
Start & Mål Ljungby – Växjö
Skapare Scott Haylockk
Fika Huseby Bruk

Day 2: Ljungby to Växjö 100’ish km and not a lot of gravel. The day you have to have to link it all together, unfortunately. The run out to Ryssby is on banvallen, which follows close the main road and is a mix of gravel and asphalt. When I researched the ride it didn’t appear you could ride banvallen between Ryssby and Vislanda, but you can. Unfortunately they had asphalted a lot of the path, but still some gravel bits and some pretty lakes. Great possibilities to develop this stage further I’d suggest. At Vislanda you rejoin the road. I explored around there and found nothing that I liked. Roads are for the most part quiet though. Växjö is not on Banvallsleden, but I’d plotted my own gravel route there and that saved the day a bit for me. But by that stage it was probably a bit hot to enjoy it.

Nivå Längd 120 km Stigning 42 m/mil Tekniknivå 1
Underlag 50% grus 50% asfalt 0% stig
Start & Mål Växjö – Karlshamn
Skapare Scott Haylockk
Fika Lots of alternatives from 40km mark onwards (seasonal)

Day 3: Växjö to Karlshamn. 115km 50/50 gravel/asphalt. Retraced my gravel from Växjö to rejoin Banvallen near Grimslövs by. From there it’s a short run on the road until the gravel around Åsnen starts. This is exactly what I had imagined, pretty path, mostly gravel, shaded by trees, following the lake … It’s like cycling nirvana! After you leave Åsnen it’s a bit of road down towards Ryd. But then the banvallen starts again and you follow the river pretty much all the way down into Asarum. I really enjoyed this section. The afternoon was hot, but the riding here felt effortless thanks to shade, nice path and glorious surroundings. A 5 star day!This was a great ride and pretty much what I had expected. It’s effortless riding away from traffic (majority of the time) and some really pretty country side. And the Swedish summer came to the party as well! Now I go ‘off piste’ to experience what gravel in the south has to offer, as I bush bash my way cross country back to Halmstad

Om du laddar ned någon av rutterna skulle vi bli glada om du skänkte en valfri slant till TUGs insamling till förmån för Läkare Utan Gränser. Du kan även Swisha ditt bidrag till insamlingen på 123 338 01 77.

Detta kan en gåva bidra med

Ingen summa är för liten att skänka och här kan du se några exempel på vad en gåva kan bidra med för Läkare Utan Gränser:

20 kr – Kan räcka till att vaccinera 6 barn mot en av världens mest smittsamma sjukdomar, mässling.

30 kr – Kan räcka till att behandla 2 människor som drabbats av malaria.

Tänk på att respektera människor och djur, följ lagar och regler och cykla på ett säkert sätt för dig och andra. Ha rätt utrustning med dig och framför allt: Ha kul! Du kan få goda tips här Tips om Gravel